Why The Solent Is An Ideal Location To Learn Sailing

The Solent is a fabulous place to get your sea legs and learn how to handle a yacht like a pro. If sailing is in your blood, then the Solent is calling to you. Take a short sailing course and you are ready to hit the water with confidence.

It’s a relatively sheltered body of water that provides the perfect environment for beginners and advanced sailors alike. In addition to the fantastic boats you will see and the breath taking places you can access, the Solent offers an interesting tidal experience you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Attending a Solent sailing school is a great way to experience this part of the world with experienced and knowledgeable instructors that guarantee your safety. Certified sailing schools offer a full range of RYA practical sailing courses, including Competent Crew, Day Skipper and the coveted Yachtmaster.

RYA Competent Crew Practical Course

If you are new to sailing or have very little experience, the RYA Competent Crew practical course is the perfect place to start. It will transform you from a land-lover into a useful, highly-qualified crew member, well on your way to becoming the skipper of your own boat. The course takes 5 days and 4 nights and will teach you everything you need to know about running a sailing ship, including personal safety, helmsman-ship, seamanship and everything in between.

To keep all of the info fresh in your mind, it’s best to take the whole course 5 days straight. Although this might not be possible for everyone, it does give you the best chance at personal bonding with instructors, and maybe picking up a few extra pointers you might miss out on if you spread the course out over weekends. However, weekend courses are available if you can’t dedicate 5 days in a row.

Part of RYA certification involves spending time on a yacht. This is why during training, you are required to live on the yacht day and night. You will eat, sleep and relax on the yacht, around the clock. Of course, visitors are not permitted. However, you are welcome to take the course with friends, family or partners.

Most training schools take about 5 students at a time. This allows for very personalized attention to each student and avoids overcrowding.

A Mini Sailing Holiday

One of the best parts about taking an RYA Competent Crew sailor training course, aside from the fact that you will be RYA certified, is that it is like a mini vacation!

You get to spent five fabulous days on a state-of-art yacht! Take a few friends and it can be a real holiday.

Since most of the training takes place on the Solent, you are guaranteed great views, great fun and tons of excitement. Plus, of course, world-class yacht training to prepare you for everything the sea has to offer.

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