A Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Yachtmaster™ Certificate of Competence is what aspiring skippers strive to achieve. This certification tells the world that you are a qualified, competent and experienced Yachtmaster.

The RYA regulates UK waterways and how they are used. It is the national governing body for yachts, dinghy, Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB), sports boats, motor cruising and all types of sail racing, as well as windsurfing and personal watercraft. The RYA is also a leading representative for river cruising.

Every year, the internationally acclaimed training system guides 250,000 yacht enthusiasts, power boaters, leisure crafters, canal boaters and windsurfers on their way to becoming confident and successful on the water.

So, whether your objective is to spend more quality time sailing a yacht for fun, travel, competition, a new career or to advance your current career, there is definitely an RYA training course for you.
To qualify for a course as an RYA Day Skipper (the first step to becoming certified for bigger things), candidates must be at least 16 years old, have at least 100 sea miles (185.2 km) under their belt and a minimum of 5 days (plus 4 nights) experience on a yacht.

RYA training is seen as a badge of outstanding quality all over the world. The expertise and experience that have gone into the development of this course, along with British Government Maritime backing and cooperation with the Coastguard Agency (MCA), make an RYA qualification world renowned as the best training a sailor can get.

This certificate is beneficial to:
• Dinghy, multihull and keel boat instructors
• RYA Senior instructors
• Windsurfing instructors
• Dinghy coaches
• Windsurfing coaches

Sailing Career Opportunities

Many people get RYA certification for their own pleasure, but if you are looking at it as a career choice, you have options.

From manager of local water sports to military instructors, RYA certified yachters have a wide range of career options. A large part of the training course is conducted by people working in the business, so on top of world-class book training (many of the classroom work is now also available online), you also benefit from practical experience from people who have seen it all, first hand.

This is the real proof that RYA certification is the key to success. There are currently more than 11,000 professionals around the world working on commercial vessels thanks to their RYA Certificate of Competence.

The RYA has a well-established, exemplary history in training both professional and recreational boaters. With over a hundred years of combined knowledge and experience, they work intensely at local, national and international levels to guarantee your RYA certification is widely accepted as the epitome of yacht training.

Many people take the RYA yachting course to obtain the basic knowledge and competence level required for happy and safe sailing adventures. While others see RYA certification as the beginning of a long and profitable career. Whatever your reasons, you are sure to enjoy the instruction and hands-on training almost as much as the sailing and boating itself.